PEX F1807 vs F1960

The main difference between F1807 and F1960 PEX fittings lies in the method of connection they use.

F1807: This refers to a crimp-style PEX fitting. F1807 fittings have a crimp ring that is placed over the PEX tubing and then compressed using a crimp tool. This creates a secure and watertight connection. F1807 fittings typically have a brass or copper body and can be used with either copper crimp rings or stainless steel cinch clamps.

stainless-steel-PEX-fittings (2) (1)

F1960: This refers to an expansion-style PEX fitting. F1960 fittings use an expansion tool to expand the PEX tubing, allowing the fitting to be inserted into the expanded end. As the tubing shrinks back to its original size, it creates a tight seal around the fitting, forming a secure connection. F1960 fittings typically have a plastic or brass body and require an expansion tool for installation.

F1960 pex fittings

In summary, the main difference between F1807 and F1960 PEX fittings is the method of connection. F1807 fittings use a crimp ring and crimp tool, while F1960 fittings use an expansion tool.

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Post time: Apr-08-2024