2PC Ball Valve

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Material: Stainless Steel 304, 316, 1.4308, 1.4408, CF8, CF8M
Thread Standards: ASME B1.20.1 BS21, DIN2999/259, ISO7-1, ISO228-1, JIS B 0203
Connection:Thread (Female/Male)
Thread type: NPT, BSP, PT, Metric, etc.
Medium:Water, Oil, Gas
Process: Investment Casting
Pressure Rating: 1000PS/1000WOG/PN63/2000PSI
Working temperature: -20-180 ℃
Pattern: Full Port
PTFE/RPTFE seats & seals
Blowout-proof stem 
Handle Style: The handle stem is blow-out proof 
Locking Device: Handle has a device to lock in the open or closed position (It can be easily removed)
Size: 1/4’’ to 4’’ (DN8 to DN100)
100% leak tested 
Inspection Testing: API598, EN12266

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The 2 piece stainless steel ball valve is probably the most widely used ball valve.

Standard two piece valve bodies are a solution annealed for the highest quality and added strength. All body castings are marked with a foundry head number for full traceability.

These valves offer quarter turn operation and low operating torque. The valve features live-loaded, self-adjusting stem seals that automatically adjust packing to compensate for changes in wear and temperature.   Other features include replaceable seats and seals, anti-static devices, blowout proof stems, and safety latch handles.

The two piece ball valve has one body joint which means the body is composed of two pieces, hence the name “two piece”. This 2 piece body allows a larger ball to be installed at the time of manufacture, which makes this a full bore or full port ball valve.Full bore means that the bore hole in the ball has the same inside diameter as that of the piping it is connected to.


Being two-piece threaded ball valves they are quick to install and easy to use, The 2 PC ball valve is the best priced full port ball valve (full bore), allowing the inside diameter of the pipe to remain constant and unrestricted. This means that the 2 piece SS ball valve has no pressure drop and keeps the flow rate high.

Why Are 2 Piece Ball Valves The Most Popular Valves? 

Three factors make them popular.

First, a full unrestricted flow that allows no product restrictions through the valve.

Second, the three piece design and the removal of a minimal number of bolts allows service to be performed without removing the complete valve from the line.

Third, it is the price. they are the best price ball valves with a full port or full bore.

The 1 Piece Ball Valve is better priced, however it is a reduced port.

The 3 Piece is also a full port, however the price is higher.





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High-voltage equipment



Other pipe systems

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