Hose Barb Fittings

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Material: Stainless Steel 304, 316, 316L, 1.4308, 1.4408, 1.4404
Thread Standards: ASME B1.20.1 BS21, DIN2999/259, ISO7/1, ISO228-1, JIS B 0203, etc.
Connection:Barb / Thread
Thread type: NPT, BSP, PT, Metric, etc.
Medium:Water, Oil, Gas
Process: Precision Investment Casting
Pressure: 150 PSI
Size: 1/4’’ to 4’’
Additional Information: Lead-Free
Used with Flexible Poly Pipe

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Hose barb fittings are precision cast with a high quality process design to insure uniform quality and fit.

Barbed hose fittings made of type stainless steel for superior rust resistance. Hose barb on one end and standard male NPT pipe thread on the other end.


Our Grade 316 BSP Screwed Male Hose Barbs come with a standard British Standard Pipe thread extensively used across the globe for plumbing connections. There are two types of BSP threads, Tapered (BSPT) and parallel (BSPP). The external and internal threads are to be tapered, but the internal threads may be parallel.

 • Can be made from Grade 316 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

 • All fittings are manufactured by investment cast process, toe nipples, and barrel nipples are produced from welded pipe.

 316 stainless steel hose barb fittings have higher corrosion resistance than other types of hose fittings, making them a good choice for applications in saltwater and chlorine environments. They also protect the fluids in the pipe system from environmental contaminants, even if scratched. These fittings have various connection types on one end and raised ridges (or barbs) on the other end that grip the inside of hoses to hold them in place. They are secured with a clamp or crimped ferrule for a leak-resistant seal.


Engineered to provide positive grip and ease of installation. Couplings and Adapters for lay-flat type irrigation hose and poly pipe, etc.

High quality and reliability have made insert fittings the preferred choice for irrigation and other water applications.

Rich OEM/ODM Experience

Advanced production equipment and technical strength, OEM / ODM services for more than 20 countries.



Testing & Inspection.  We provide various material tests & inspections.
Project Management. For complex and extensive projects, we compose project dedicated team to resolve the actual difficulties for the customers.

Safety, efficiency and reliability have always been the unremitting pursuit of KX to serve the fluid industry.


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